An encounter with the beauty of the most biodiverse country on the planet – Ecuador

Our Philosophy

Wasinku – Luxury Travel Experience
Come and immerse yourself in Ecuador’s intense, ancient and cosmic world. We provide highly personalized experiences to exclusive travelers.

We aspire to please our client by complying with their requests and offering attractive alternatives that meet the needs, interests and expectations of seasoned travelers.Our goal is exceed standards.

Wasinku has earned its exclusive standing as a reflection of its unique services. Experience the fusion of the senses with ancient legends and the power of the planet that emerges for the center earth in the most subtle and unexpected ways.We are the luxury of travel.

When you travel with WASINKU you will not only visit Ecuador, but also capture the vitality and pulse of life in the Equator. Discover the four worlds: Galapagos, Amazon, Coast and Andes.

Live art with your own hands or take pleasure in ethnic and creative cuisine. Admire the biodiversity of the Andean sky under the stars and witness nature and its subtropical wonders.

Wasinku assures the most varied opportunities to awaken the spirit. Celebrate inner growth and experience a new dimension of travel services.

Eco -Adventures, holistic experiences, ancestral and shamanic rituals will take you on a journey of geographical and personal discovery unlike any other.

Our personal approach focuses on tailoring your travel around your interests. We proudly embrace our role as hosts and will devote our attention to the details necessary to make every minute of your voyage, an experience.

WASINKU awaits your visit.