Biography Magoly Espinoza

Magoly EspinozaA clinical psychologist specialized in deep psychology as well as Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis.
Humanist and Jungian facilitator and  Alexander Lowen bioenergetic therapist.
Holistic therapist and experienced practioner of healing techniques such as: Universarl Vital Energy Harmonization, Chakras, Reiki, Energy Harvesting, Eric Pearl Methodology.
Participation in a variety of studies, conferences and research of the Biamagnétic source pair diagnosis, balance of the body and healing.
Frequently partakes in workshops, seminars and experiences on the utilization of  Flower of Life, Sacred Geometry, Meditation, Cetaceans Codes, Frequencies and Musical Vibrations of Alignment.   

Pranic Breathing, Aurica and Fibonaci proportion, Quantum Physics, Mental Awareness, Sun Gazing, Shamanic knowledge and energetic management, Andean Cleansing rituals and Bach Flower Aromatherapy, Energetic Massage Therapy, Biodance and Chant.
Research of energetic locations in Ecuador.
Promoter of Energetic and Shamanic tourism.

Certified Organic Rose Cultivation and Export Specialist since 2000. Also certified by  Fair Trade, FLP, Rain Forest and Flor Ecuador.
Winner of several international awards and distictions for high quality of rose production.

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