Live and Experience Ecuador

As travelers draw the corners of the world closer together, their desire for deeper, more enlightening experiences grows stronger.  WASINKU understands this desire and indeed, meeting it is our purpose.

WASINKU was created explicitly for specialized tours which allow the discerning traveler to become intimate with the destination´s true personality.  Each of our tours is created from a singular perspective with products and services to provide travelers the optimum comfort, security, enjoyment and cultural understanding.

Whether your interests include art, nature, sport and adventure, wellness and spiritual encounters, gastronomic experiences or thematic routes, you can take confidence that we charted, tested and revised your tour long before it was offered.  Our Operation carefully selects the vendors for their ability to meet the specialized needs of clients and their willingness to provide dedicated guides who excel in the training required of a WASINKU host.  

This country offers you unimaginable natural settings and mild climates that make traveling easy, but only WASINKU offers you access to places rarely open to the public. WASINKU travelers will be assisted by specially trained guides and local experts upon request.  Visitors will meet the residents of this fascinating region, explore its contemporary and pre-Columbian treasures , private collections, museums and witness its world renowned cathedrals, monasteries and convents  where Colonial art of the Quito school became reality.

The size of WASINKU´S tours allow exclusive stays in private hacienda´s, select country inns and the finest boutique hotels.