Thematic Routes

Ecuador is an agricultural country that exports primarily traditional products like: bananas, coffee and shrimp, but also exotic products such as: mangos, pineapples, broccoli, asparagus, and the most beautiful flowers and roses.

Come with us and experience the Ecuadorian agro in all its dimensions, from the main productive plantations to artisanal production in the indigenous communities around the country.

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The flower route
This route allows the visitor to see the area that produces the most beautiful and best quality flowers in the worlds due to the privileged geographic and weather conditions. An opportunity to experience the special natural light that gives these flowers their size and variety and meet also meet the people behind this industry.

This is a unique journey into to core of the countryside and an exceptional opportunity to see the process that this product offers to specific sector of Ecuadorean economy. The route allows visitors to see the rural sectors north and south of the capital as well as the Equatorial line.

The cacao route
In this route you will be able to encounter the traditional and historical aspects of cacao cultivation during visits to the most important producers.  Ecuador´s culture and economy has been strongly influenced by the cultivation of this product since the end of the 19th century. Now the combination of modern techniques and   ancestral knowledge about the fruit of goddesses are giving way to the rebirth of a new era in the cultivation of the finest cacao in the world.