Wellness and Healing

Holistic Experiences
WASINKU proposes a daring quest for balance by giving the traveler an opportunity to experience profound transformation. Celebrate unforeseen personal growth within a new dimension of travel services.

Discover ancestral knowledge of the Ecuadorean ethnic groups in the center of the world, where polarities unite. Synchronize with nature´s harmony and find tranquility and joyfulness… allow your soul to eliminate anxiety and stress!

WASINKU offers a gratifying life journey into the splendid Ecuadorean universe.

Connect with the cascades of the Andes Mountains, the rumbling murmur of the Amazon, endless sandy beaches of the Pacific or the magical and untouched world of the enchanted islands of the Galapagos Islands.

Yachana Amaru is an amazing adventure of healing, love and exhilaration. It is a personal and long lasting commitment of wellness. Discover and unveil the ancient wisdom of the indigenous groups that flows unscathed in the forests and fields of Ecuador. Unlock the source of insight to encounter divinity, and experience the energy of the universal understanding present in the Andes.

Andean vision deems that, We are all One, and incites you to feel the power of Pacha Mama in the black soil of volcanic lands, come in contact with the cool springs of pristine water emerging from the core of the planet and render your senses to the endless possibilities of healing.

Venture on a voyage through the Avenue of the Volcanoes and discover the power to dominate their internal fires, delight your body and soul with the forces of nature.

Live genuine shamanic experiences that will allow you to trace the flow of energy and experience an authentic balance of your physical and spiritual self.  Dwell in the rituals of profound cleansing and healing using elements harvested in the city nearest to the sun in the land of equinoxes and eclipses.

Bathe in sacred waterfalls in the secluded heart of the green forests of the Amazon, or in the magic of the unspoiled natural paradise of the Galapagos. Observe the tender symphony of whales and dolphins mischievously performing in Pacific waters.  Witness   the gracious relationship of the birds, fish, iguanas and penguins and appreciate the internal codes enclosed in the songs of life.

All the wisdom and divinity will be evident, refresh and renew your spirit.

This is a journey of infinite pleasures, through and from the center of the world, a passage into your own divine essence and personal universe everything in perfect harmony and balance.

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